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Collective courses:

pack of 20 sessions

(maximum 4 persons)


  • Levels A1/A1+, false beginner
  • Levels A2/B1/B1+


Duration: each session lasts 1h30

Private courses:

pack of 20 sessions


  • Level A0, beginner
  • Level A1, false beginner
  • Level B1, intermediate
  • « A la carte » courses (price to be discussed)


Duration: each session lasts 1h30

Main objective


Speak French, overcome fears and shyness and gain confidence, serenity and freedom of expression.…

Objectives for beginners


How to introduce oneself, ask formal and informal questions, know figures, time, directions, timetables, forms and colours.Compare prices and communicate preferences, pronounce correctly, sing in French, list items, present a monument, answer questions and relate an event…

Intermediary objectives


How to introduce oneself, one’s life and family, pronounce correctly, converse with professionals, make descriptions, use the comparative and superlative, compare articles, create stories, sing in French, answer questions on local characteristics, give one’s opinion, make enquiries, discover Swiss writers…