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More than a language course

Do you wish to speak French at last, overcome your fears and shyness and gain confidence, serenity and freedom of expression?

Why « Le français dans l’action »?


Several years of experience within two language schools made me realize that learning French in a classroom is inadequate for certain types of students who doesn’t succeed in using the language in everyday life.

Based upon this, I have created a “French in action” teaching method which includes discovering the city, everyday life in Geneva, and exchange with the population.

The participant becomes a social actor, not only communicating, but also interacting with the public, occasionally in the form of a game, which will enable him/her to overcome his/her fears and shyness for life and gain confidence, serenity and freedom of expression.

This method has been tested on students of various ages and levels. There will be outings to shops which will help you become autonomous, and you will discover beautiful settings of Geneva.