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How did you find this French teaching method?

“I found this method very good for me. I am less shy and can now speak in front of people. Before, when I spoke to others my clothes became wet with sweat, but now I can speak in front of others, and louder, whereas before you told me I spoke very quietly.”

What made the most impression on you during the stages you went through?

“When we spoke in front of people, as we did in shops.
I enjoy having contact with people. I was in contact with a number of persons and I was able to ask questions. Before that, when I was in a shop and wanted to buy something, I just took the item and paid at the cash desk without saying a word. Now I can ask questions about items, what they can do, why the difference in price. I think this was good for me. I feel good now.”


First of all, thank you for taking the initiative of providing outdoor French classes. This enabled me to overcome my shyness, meet other beginners, get to know the city and understand words, ideas etc. in various situations.

I felt happy and appeased.

My heartfelt thanks for your availability and kindness.


“I think this was a good way of practicing French. Thanks to your teaching, I am no longer worried about speaking to others.

The work done on pronunciation and articulation was good for me.
Talking to people outdoors, as well as the exercises by phone to ask for information from offices, during the Covid, helped me overcome my fears: thanks to these exercises, I was able to make reservations by phone, such as dentist appointments and restaurant orders.
 Whilst doing this, I was less anxious. Before, I made reservations in English.
 I memorized new words I didn’t know and can make better use of the grammar.”



Do you believe you have learnt French during these sessions?

“Yes, because we don’t think like the French but we learn how to use the language and I think this is how you learn, by trying many times. The information (knowledge) is in our head, but we cannot use it due to fear.

With this type of course one can try and try and even if I make many mistakes, the information comes out of my, and everyone else’s, heads easier than before.”

Have you noted any progress in other situations?

« Yes, a lot. »

On what level?

“I feel much more confident, I can ask questions in the street and know I am doing it perfectly well, and people are kinder with me for trying. This difference is very important to me.”